Return of “F*ck Touka”: Tokyo Ghoul:re chp. 122 (spoilers)

I wanted to make an effort to review both anime and manga on this blog but I realized I was behind on everything that I had been reading. My favorite manga that was probably the easiest to catch up on (which I did this weekend) was Tokyo Ghoul:re; I was only about 48 chapters behind so it wasn’t a huge time commitment (as compared to Fairy Tale where I’m like 4 years behind at this point).

Oi! What’s the “f*ck touka” deal in the title? Well, when Imperial Scans was still a thing (RIP), they would sometimes sneak “f*ck Touka” into the scans and rustle a few jimmies, which I thought was hilarious. So I figured I’d incorporate some into scans in my reviews for the lols.


So chapter 121 ended with a DOOZY of a scene. And 122 starts with our sweet Kaneki drinking out of an empty cup, coffee on the floor, because he’s too awkward for his own damn good. So 122 is basically a Kaneki/Touka chapter in it’s entirety; focusing on her questioning of Kaneki’s virginity, as well as them confessing their fears of the other running ahead/off and never returning.



What is the most heartbreaking of this whole scene are 2 things: that Kaneki believes that Touka’s question and her willingness to give herself to him is to keep him from running off again. Kaneki has been manipulated so many times that he believes that the possibility of Touka using her body to keep him around is an option, but in reality she actually just cares for the kid. The second most heartbreaking aspect of this is the entrance of Mutsuki, our resident crazy Quinx.


Clearly there is going to be a huge conflict to follow this, as to how it’s going to go down, well I can’t imagine it’ll go smoothly. In the last chapter Mutsuki had sex with a deformed corpse while stating her love for Haise. We also know that Mutsuki has a photograph of Touka. What happens when Mutsuki see’s the chemistry between Touka and Kaneki? I see a Yandere Simulator situation on our hands, and I’m routing for Touka.

And finally the final thing I will throw in here is that Touka art at the beginning of the chapter:


I’ve seen a lot of discussion revolving around this. Personally, I believe the blood is a result of her and Kaneki having sex. That is the best case scenario. What are your thoughts?

Note: I started writing this right before pneumonia got the best of me. Publishing now, finally, that I’m home. My TG:re posts will probably come out w/in 24 hours of a chapter being released. 


First Impression/Rant: Seikaisuru Kado (spoiler free)

I wanted to do this First Impression last week but life happens and GAH. Anyways, Kado and SnK were the first two anime from Spring season that I curled up with Mika (my beautiful shithead cat), and watched. And I thought, “literally everyone and their mother has words to say about Attack on Titan, so let’s not jump in on that one.” So what a great way to start my aniblogging hobby off than with this anime that I originally had no intention of watching this season, but the “white haired guy” caught my eye and I watched it without even getting a feel for what the basic plot was…


But wait, I have a confession before we start this first impression because I need to be completely honest: I loathe CGI/3D anime. Maybe it’s because I’m used to that good old 2D style and I just need some time to adjust, but my god there’s just something about it that strikes a nerve. But hey, lets delve right in to my Kado impression and you’ll hopefully understand why this little disclaimer was relevant.

I started with episode 0 of course; Hanamori Shun and Shindo Kojiro are working for the Ministry Internal Affairs, International Intelligence and Communications and General Affairs. They are asked to to buy out some land for a project as an informal request from the Undersecretary from the Cabinet Office. Basically, the happenings that follow demonstrate Shindo’s remarkable negotiating skills which was important to emphasize. However, I did not even read a description for this damn show so I’m sitting here wondering how an anime about a negotiator is going to incorporate a stylish white-haired man, but boy was I in for a ride. The negotiations go well for all parties involved, and all was going well for this very interesting anime until disaster struck in the form of a giant magical box transforming 2D characters to CGI characters [removed content: sh*t tier 9/11 joke].


YES, the REAL disaster was that the main characters suddenly were rendered in CGI. I could not handle this sudden shift, it was so distracting. Seriously, the only gripe with this very first episode was the sudden shift from no CGI in sight to CGI main characters during a pretty important scene. It really took away from the urgency of the scene because I was too busy being horrified. In episode 1 all the main characters are CGI, while background characters remain 2D. This to me felt very weird at first, but I grew to appreciate it because I was still seeing the animation style that I’m familiar with being used with an animation style that I just can’t seem to get used to.

Aside from my crusade against CGI, I really think this anime has a lot of potential and I dig it. I really love that the very first episode gives us insight to how Shindo does his job, and how amazing he is at it. It was kind of slow, but not in a bad way. The plot really starts to pick up in episode 1 as everyone is rushing to figure out what this giant box is and you meet some very interesting characters. I have a feeling I’m going to be falling madly in love with the scientist. The final scene in episode 1 shows us exactly why it’s important that Shindo is a phenomenal negotiator and it definitely looks like he has his work cut out for him in the future.

All-in-all, I’m really excited about this series and am super excited to see if it helps alleviate my hatred of CGI. Really glad that jumped into this one blind because I feel like the first impression was a lot more “dramatic” than the shows I actually looked into beforehand.

That’s it for my very first official post on Spring season! I’m looking forward to growing as an aniblogger and forming a more concrete posting schedule. Look out for something in the next couple of days as I try my best to review something without just saying “10/10 would watch again.”



Rin-chi, out!


The Universe Doesn’t Want me to Watch or Blog about Anime: An Update

Oi vey, this weekend has been an absolute train wreck


So I was planning on writing a few posts on Tuesday when I was off work for Passover but my apartment decided that it wanted to catch itself on fire. Three of my outlets stopped working and another was sparking so much that it did catch something on fire, but luckily I was in the immediate area and managed to get the smol flame put out. However, an electrician wasn’t able to come until today so I’ve been without a working outlet to plug my electronics in for a few days/I’ve had to switch a couple of my breakers off. The only remaining outlet that’s safe to use has my refrigerator plugged in to it (at least my apartment has its priorities straight) and it has been requested of me not to plug anything else in to that one.

I’m writing this post during my lunch break at work just as an update; I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth/quit blogging, my luck is just awful. I’ve been spending the week moving some of my more expensive belongings to a friend’s house (because I’m paranoid) and making sure my cat had a safe place to chill while I am at work. Hopefully the electrician will be able to solve the circuitry issues today while I’m here. I want to be able to finish/write some long-winded posts about my first impressions tonight as well as watch some more anime, but we’ll see.

Thanks for being patient with me!

Rinchi, out!


Spring Line-up

My Spring Season line up for 2017

We’re in the beginning of the spring season and I figured I’d do a quick post about what I’m watching this season. I’m hoping I can stay on board with all this because, well, it seems like a lot for a newbie aniblogger to me.

So here it goes… the lucky animoos that were lucky enough to be chosen as my spring picks:

  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generation!
  • Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
  • GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation
  • Seikaisuru Kado
  • Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten
  • sin Nanatsu no Taizai
  • Shingeki no Kyojin 2 (Attack on Titan)
  • Tsuki ga Kirei

I started Shingeki no Kyojin, Rokudenashi and Kado yesterday and I’m hoping to work on a few first impressions this week… I was hoping to get at least one first impression out today, but unfortunately had to postpone all my plans of getting started due to Passover preparations. I have a few obligations these next few days where I’ll have to put all my animoo watching/blogging on pause.

Anyways, that’s all today folks! Let me know what you’re watching this season and what you’re looking forward to!

Rin-chi, out!

Oiii, it’s an intro post!

Well hello friends, and welcome! 


If you couldn’t guess, my name is Rin and I have decided to pursue my dreams of blogging about anime, manga and other related content in my free time! Of course I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but while in college I really didn’t want to type anything outside of the papers, ha! I’m really excited to be be entering this community and hopefully make some new, lasting friendships along the way!

I’ll lay out my big plans for my blog now, because I’d like to look back on this very first post and see if I ever achieved these big dreams of mine (shouldn’t let your dreams be dreams folks!). Starting out I would really like to do “Rin-chi Recaps!” – a brief recap of the shows and mangas that I read in the week, as well as other industry happenings, and cool stuff I’ve found. On top of that I’d pick an episode of a currently watching show / currently reading mango, to review / commentate on. I would really like this to be more than a review blog, but also a fun way to just to spout my nonsensical ramblings about my mangos and animoos, ya know?!

Going forward I’d really like to add more layers to this blog such as a “Weekly F*ck Touka!”, art by me, gif of the week, and perhaps even acoustic covers of my favorite openings… These are really big dreams, so they’re definitely something I’d have to build up to. I’m really looking forward to talking to everyone who happens across this blog, so please feel free to contact me! I’m also always looking for anime and manga suggestions! Honestly, more-so on the mango side of things (please).

Anyways, thanks for reading this really lame intro post.

Rin-chi, out!